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Loving Life at Bay Village with Janice Berrier

Life Plan Communities are the perfect place to get involved with others and to try out a new hobby or activity.

At Bay Village, we have educational special interest groups, fitness activities, volunteer opportunities, shops, new and exciting dining options, and more! That’s why we wanted to interview one of our long-time residents, Janice Berrier, about her experience at Bay Village.

Janice Berrier

I’ve known for over 18 years that Bay Village was going to be my future home.

My in-laws lived at Bay Village for years, and they absolutely loved it. My late husband and I would often visit them, and we instantly fell in love with this gem of a community. Everyone has been so friendly since day one, and all of the staff are always hospitable. We never felt out of place even though we were just visitors at the time.

Once my husband passed, I knew it was my time to make the move to the community that I’ve always adored even as a visitor. There is never a dull moment at the Village. We have numerous exercise programs every day, live entertainment and movie nights at least once a week, and other special events. (The staff is always looking for new ways to keep us entertained and looking forward to the next activity.) Bay Village feels like the Fountain of Youth, and there has never been a moment where I felt uncared for or stressed out. I’ve been here since 2017, and I am loving every bit of my experience here!

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