SFCS Inc’s Remarkable Achievement: Honored in EFA 2023 Design Showcase for The Tides at Bay Village

We’re thrilled to announce that our architectural partners, SFCS Inc, has received an Honorable Mention at Environments for Aging (EFA) 2023 Design Showcase for their exceptional design of The Tides at Bay Village.

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SFCS Inc: Pioneering Senior Living Architectural Design

Our architectural partner SFCS Inc, a renowned design company, has added another feather to their cap. The organization’s innovative approach to balancing aesthetically exceptional designs with the specific needs of residents in senior living communities has made them a household name in the field. The EFA 2023 Design Showcase, renowned for their recognition of stellar work in senior living designs, saw fit to award SFCS Inc an Honorable Mention.

SFCS Inc has shown steadfast dedication to creating environments that enhance the aging process. Grounded in research and refined through experience, their designs have a profound impact on the quality of life for elder residents. The EFA’s recognition of their hard work is a testament to SFCS’s commitment to this mission.


The EFA 2023 Design Showcase: Championing Excellence in Elder Environment Design

The Environments for Aging (EFA) Design Showcase is an annual event that recognizes cutting-edge designs in senior living environments. By acknowledging SFCS Inc’s commendable work, EFA has once again highlighted its commitment to promoting and celebrating designs and designers that improve the lifestyle of senior citizens.

The selection process for the EFA Design Showcase is rigorous. It demands that all necessary aspects contributing to the well-being and happiness of the senior citizens living in those environments are considered. These factors include but are not limited to accessibility, safety, aesthetics, and the potential to foster social engagement.

Celebrating Tides at Bay Village

Designed to be a seaside sanctuary for seniors, The Tides at Bay Village offers residents a safe and vibrant living environment that resonates with the rhythm of the alluring Sarasota coastline. This design, which is a perfect blend of modern elegance and comfort, was among the reasons why SFCS Inc cinched the Honorable Mention.

When it comes to design, the details are what matters. When asked about their approach, the design team at SFCS Inc stated, “We’ve created a unique and idyllic space that seamlessly integrates the natural beauty of Bay Village with the comforts of modern living.” Some of these unique features you can expect to see include:

  • Elegantly designed lounges & patio spaces
  • State-of-the-art fitness & wellness centers
  • Gourmet dining with a variety of meal options
  • Creative art studios & engaging recreational activities
  • Beautifully configured apartments with a view of Sarasota Bay


Bay Village’s Continuing Accomplishments

Offering an unrivaled blend of comfort, luxury, and seaside tranquility, Bay Village and its partnership with SFCS Inc underscores its ongoing commitment to providing the best living environment for seniors. This honorable mention serves as a validation that we are on the right path.


Moving Forward with Pride

The EFA’s recognition of our architectural partner SFCS Inc at the 2023 Design Showcase has given us a powerful motivator to continue our mission towards creating harmonious living environments for the elderly. As we celebrate this achievement, we remember that our commitment is toward our residents – to enhance and enrich their lives in the best way possible. Here’s to creating more exceptional spaces in the future.

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